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Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Installation

Suppliers and installers of quality brand heat pumps to suit your needs. Whether your project is large or small we can guide you from concept through to completion. Sized correctly for your home or office. All heat pumps are supplied with a guarantee (time depending on model). 

We make heat pump installation quick and easy, a is a simple back to back installation or an extended custom install our friendly team makes it easy.

Single split systems

Single split heat pumps provide heating and cooling to individual rooms or a specific area such as a lounge or the main living area of an open-plan home.


Complete house ducted systems


Ideal for discreet whole home or commercial space with near silent operation and even temperature control without hot or cold spots. Ducted systems have a single, large capacity interior unit fitted in the ceiling, or under the floor. The cooled or heated air is driven through insulated ducts to ceiling or floor vents in multiple rooms to provide virtually invisible whole home or commercial space air conditioning.

Heat Pump Servicing & Maintenance

Heat Pump Servicing & Maintenance

Removal and Relocation of existing heat pumps , Fault and leak finding Re-gassing & Degassing,

You may need to have your system safely disconnected whilst renovation work happens at your house or office and later reconnected once the work is completed or you might decide that you want to take your heat pump with you when you relocate to a new property.

Maintenance & Servicing

Benefits of Regular Heat Pump Maintenance

  • Regular maintenance improves the performance of your system

  • Improves the efficiency and energy cost

  • Improves the air quality

  • Contributes to the extended life of your equipment

  • Allows for early diagnosis of potential failures before they occur, reducing down time of the equipment


We provide a 10 point check Servicing your air conditioning device regularly ensures it is running to its full potential and as efficiently as possible.

New Electrical Wiring

New Electrical Wiring

If you’re building in Christchurch or Canterbury and need an electrician in Christchurch we are here to help. Give us a call and we will help you with your electrical plan and design. We are happy to give you free advice on your project with no obligation to use us. We understand the new home build process inside and out and we are more than happy to guide you through the electrical component of the build.

Before we start a job we sit down and design a customised plan for design and layout, taking into consideration your needs.

Reliable Electrical Contractors for Builders 

As a project manager, are you sick of dealing with unreliable subcontractors? We provide prompt, reliable and highly organised electrical fit-outs and maintenance services for project managers in Christchurch and Canterbury.

Electrical Renovations

Electrical Renovations,
Additions & Repairs

We have extensive experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems in residential houses. Our team of electricians can meet your needs for:

  • Rewiring houses, rebuilds, additions, and alterations

  • Mains upgrades

  • Switchboard checks & upgrades

  • Electrical wiring checks (Insurance or selling purposes)

  • Electrical repairs and maintenance

  • Appliance & tools test & tagging

  • Ventilation and heat transfer systems

  • Systems design and quotation service

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