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Ducted Heat Pumps Christchurch

An increasing number of Christchurch homes and businesses are switching to heating and cooling using heat pump systems. Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular for various reasons, including increased energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and long-term savings. When it comes time to update, heat pumps come in two varieties: ducted and ductless.

Let's look at which is better for you and your home/business and how we can help you at Heatwaves Electrical

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Which is Best for You

So, which heat pump is better for your Christchurch property: a ducted heat pump system or a split system heat pump? That is entirely dependent on your residence and current infrastructure. A ducted heat pump may be the best alternative if you have central air conditioning with well-maintained ductwork.

Split system systems frequently take the lead in homes without existing ductwork or on historical sites with unique remodelling restrictions. A ductless heat pump is a terrific alternative if you add and need to expand your home's thermal pocket.

Traditional Ducted Heat Pumps Christchurch

A ducted central heating system may be better if:

  • Your house already has ducting that is in good condition.

  • You prefer to keep your HVAC system equipment hidden, or you dislike the appearance of ductless air handlers.

  • You're building a new house and can include ducting from the beginning.

Split System Heat Pumps Christchurch

Split systems may be better if:​

  • You own a house that has little or no roof space to install ducts 

  • You want a cheap way to heat your home

  • You only need a small space Eg: one room heated or cooled

  • You have a fireplace and only need some air con in summer 

  • You are constructing a house expansion.



Heatpump Installation

We make heat pump installation quick and easy, weather is a simple back to back installation or an extended custom install our friendly team makes it easy.


Heatpump Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing your air conditioning device regularly ensures it is running to its full potential and as efficiently as possible.


New Electrical Wiring 

Servicing your air conditioning device regularly ensures it is running to its full potential and as efficiently as possible.


Electrical Renovations, Additions & Repairs

We can help you maintain your air conditioning device to extend its longevity and ensure its efficiency.

Offical Service Agents

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What we Offer

At Heatwave Electricals, we offer the installation of single-split systems and complete house ducted systems at a much more affordable cost than our competitors. With over 30 years of combined knowledge, no job is too large or small - whether multiple rooms or a new or existing house, our perfect unobtrusive solution to your new addition will leave you with an unrivalled central ducted system.

So if you're after a new ducted heat pump system or want to maintain and repair an already existing central heating, we also offer those services, which can be further explored on our website.
If you have any questions about the information above, please get in touch with us on our website, and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Is a Ducted Heat Pump Worth it?

In the winter, ducted heating systems provide uniform warmth in every room, which means there are no longer any hot and cold areas around the house. It is well known that ducted systems provide improved air circulation, which in turn minimises the amount of stuffy, humid air that is present during the warmer months.

So, a ducted heat pump system is the safest bet if you're after a warmer house - no matter how many rooms.

Is it Expensive to Run Ducted Heating Christchurch?

If you have a large house and after a whole house heat pump, ducted heating is the move in the right direction. But with accommodating larger spaces comes larger expenses. There are many variables to consider when weighing up the cost of running central heating.

In a nutshell, the running cost of a heat pump is around thirty cents per hour, and for four hours, the heating cost will be a little higher than $1. However, in summer, the cooling cost is not more than 10c per hour, and for four fours, you will be spending less than 40c on a hot summer day.

What is the Most Economical Form of Heating NZ?

On average, heat pumps have the lowest operating costs, closely followed by wood burners and highly rated flued gas heaters in terms of cost-effectiveness. Ducted heat systems and heat pumps are the most cost effective and environmentally friendly methods of heating in New Zealand.

They can produce 3.5 to 4.5 kilowatts of energy for every kilowatt of energy put into them, making whole home central heating a lot more appealing.

Can a Heat Pump Heat a Whole House?

Heat pumps have been shown to be a dependable means of heating a home and can give households a more energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating systems.

Heat pump heating systems also differ from standard heating systems in that heat is extracted and released more slowly and at lower temperatures.

This implies that heat pump heating systems may need to run for longer periods of time to provide the same heating impact, and air-to-water heat pumps should be partnered with big surface area devices like underfloor heating and larger, contemporary radiators to properly distribute heat throughout a home.
A heat pump may heat a whole house if the outside unit is sufficiently sized and a suitable heating system is installed. Several factors, like the land's size, might influence the heat pump necessary to heat a home.

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