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Air Conditioner Installation Christchurch

You've made the plunge and bought yourself a new heat pump or air conditioning system, or you're considering purchasing one. Well, you're in the right spot, as Heatwave Electricals has over 30 years of combined experience installing new and old systems from Toshiba to Mitsubishi Electric.

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AC Installation Christchurch

At Heatwave Electricals, we are distributors and installers of high-quality heat pumps. Regardless of the size of your project, we can assist you from conception to completion. Ideally sized for your house or business. And for peace of mind, every heat pump and air conditioning unit comes with a warranty (time depending on model).
Whether a simple back-to-back installation or an extensive bespoke installation, our pleasant crew makes the process straightforward and hassle-free.

Types of Heat Pumps

Single Split System
Individual rooms or a particular area, such as a lounge or the primary living space of an open-plan home, can have its heating and cooling supplied by single-split heat pumps. These pumps can also be divided into two separate units.

Complete House Ducted Systems
The popular complete house ducted system fits within complete commercial properties and residential solutions alike. The nearly silent operation, uniform temperature control, and no hot or cold spots are ideal for inconspicuous use throughout a complete house or business area.
A single internal unit with a huge capacity in ducted systems is installed in the ceiling or beneath the floor. For almost undetectable whole-house or commercial space air conditioning, the heated or cooled air is sent through insulated ducts to the ceiling or floor vents in several rooms.



Heatpump Installation

We make heat pump installation quick and easy, weather is a simple back to back installation or an extended custom install our friendly team makes it easy.


Heatpump Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing your air conditioning device regularly ensures it is running to its full potential and as efficiently as possible.


New Electrical Wiring 

Servicing your air conditioning device regularly ensures it is running to its full potential and as efficiently as possible.


Electrical Renovations, Additions & Repairs

We can help you maintain your air conditioning device to extend its longevity and ensure its efficiency.

Offical Service Agents

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What's Right for Your Home?

Usually, you'll use a one-unit splitter if your home is large and needs to be heated/cooled. A multi-split system might be useful in big rooms with many little areas. If we're starting from scratch, we'll need duct equipment that will last for numerous generations. Ducting is a popular way to convert existing dwellings.
However, it is mostly dependent on the size and form of the space to be heated or cooled, as well as how the pump functions. Heaters should be efficient; otherwise, they may not be a very efficient power source, raising your expenses.

Next Steps

As every job is unique and never the same, it is hard to gauge your needs simply by reading this blog. Our team needs to factor in several variables, such as the ideal environment for your air conditioning unit, which in turn ensures optimal efficiency.
Our team ensures the preventative maintenance of high-quality systems by simply caring for them yourself. Still, there will be a time within your systems life cycle (typically 10-15 years) when you will have to hire a qualified technician - which we also supply.
But for now, all you simply need to do is fill out our form with your installation details, and we can provide you with a free consultation. It's as simple as that!
Give us a call on 08000 123 125 or contact us and we can assist you with your air conditioning installation and other needs, such as preventative maintenance measures, ventilation issues and spare parts and equipment. We are the heat pump people, after all!

How Much Does it Cost to Install Air Conditioner Christchurch?

The average cost is about $500, and the installation process can take anywhere from eight to ten hours to finish. When you do it yourself, you save money by purchasing solely through-wall air conditioning units.

Can I install an Air Conditioner by Myself?

It is possible to accomplish this; however, doing so is not encouraged. The HVAC system is rather intricate. If you don't have expert assistance, there are a lot of problems that might occur during the installation. In most cases, qualified contractors such as ourselves can be contacted and provide the service at a reasonable cost.

How Much Does an Air Conditioning Cost NZ?

Single split systems rated between 5kW and 9kW are required to cool an open-concept bedroom adequately. Prices for the units range from $3,000 to $4,500, with the latter number including taxes and set-up. Pricing for a multi-room split system with one outside unit and either two or four internal units ranges from $4,000 to $7,000.

What is a Daikin Heat Pump?

Daikin DZ4SQ Heat Pumps are highly effective at heating and cooling a space because of their highly effective compressors and delay technology, keeping the space cold and silent while maintaining a constant, frosty temperature.

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